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普洱餅 Puerh Cake
上學去!Tea Class
普洱茶葉 Puerh Tea
紅茶 Black Tea
烏龍 Oolong
鐵觀音 TieGuanYin
單叢 Dang Chung
岩茶 Rock Tea
綠茶 Green Tea
白茶 White Tea
花茶 Scented Tea
茶磚 Tea Brick
沱茶 Tuocha
茶壺 Teapots
茶器 Water Bowl
壺盛 Teapot Stand
杯盛 Cup Tray
杯洗 Cup Washer
玻璃品 Glass ware
瓷器 Porcelain
禮品 Gift Sets
配件 Accessories
書籍 Books
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2013年有機老白茶餅<br>2013 Organic Aged White Tea Cake [330gram]
2013 Organic Aged White Tea Cake [330gram]

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Shipping Policy Shipping Policy

Shipping Terms and Conditions

  • All orders are shipped out within 48 hours.
  • All items are physically located in Canada and shipped out from our Vancouver, British Columbia warehouse.
  • You will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number once your order has been shipped.
  • We ship to Canada, United States, and Internationally around the world.
  • All orders are shipped out by UPS or Canada Post.
  • We are not responsible for items lost or damaged during shipping unless shipping insurance was explicitly purchased.
  • We are not responsible for items seized or damaged by customs, it is the customer's responsibility to know and abide by their local importation laws of their state and country.
  • We are not responsible for any import duty charges or taxes you may be charged once your package enters your country.
  • International Shipping and Handling charges are to be paid in full before a ny order is shipped out and the fee varies depending on the size and weight of the items, the shipping method as well as your location.

Shipping Charges
All orders over $250 before taxes are eligible for FREE GROUND SHIPPING via Canada Post or UPS. There is a flat rate shipping charge of $15 for all orders under $100 and $25 for orders over $100 but under $250. Customers require a their orders faster can upgrade to UPS Expedited shipping for an additional amount, please inquire for exact shipping quote for faster shipping methods. Additional shipping charges may apply for orders outside of Canada and USA. There may be an extra shipping charge for wholesale customers depending on the size of the order.

Under $100 - $19.95 Shipping Fee
$101-$250 - $24.95 Shipping Fee

Shipping Delivery Times
All orders are shipped out within 24 hours upon successful completion of payment. While we cannot guarantee delivery times, the table below outlines the basic delivery time for UPS Standard Ground Shipping. International orders may take longer due to customs inspections or variations in international delivery standards.

Western Canada (BC, AB, SK, MB)
1-3 Business Days
Eastern Canada (ON, QC, NB, NS, NF)
4-7 Business Days
United States
Northwest US (WA, OR)
2-3 Business Days
Midwest US (MT, ID, NV, UT)
3-4 Business Days
Southwest US (AZ)
4-5 Business Days
Western US (CA)
3-4 Business Days
Central US (IA, MN, TX)
4-6 Business Days
North Eastern US (NY, NJ)
5-6 Business Days
Eastern US (FL)
5-7 Business Days

Shopping Cart more
1 x 2002 百年古木
Hundred Years Old Tree [500g]
1 x 2020 勁味十足
Chan Fullbody Power Raw Menghai 400g
1 x 綠雪軒
Green Snow Hut [2002]
1 x 1998 八八青餅
Chi Tse Beeng Cha [357g]
1 x 銀毫禮餅
Silver Tip [2004]
1 x 2020 如意生餅
Chan Best Wishes Raw Bangdon Puerh Cake 380g
1 x 2006 鳳牌金獎7811
Yunnan Feng Qing Golden Award [357g]
1 x 2018 五谷豐收
Treasure From 5 Mountains Yunnan LingCang 400G
[Five Stars Awards at 10 Years Aged Puerh Competition]
1 x 2007 五餅二魚
Five Cakes Two Fishes Raw Puerh [370g]
1 x 2013紅景天熟普洱茶餅
Fresh Rhodiola Puerh Ripe Tea Cake [380g]
1 x 2011 長安第一餅熟普洱茶餅
Chan 1st Ripe Tea Cake Collection [400g]
1 x 1996 真淳雅
Zhen Chun Ya [357g]
1 x 2006 沁園春雪
Yunnan FengQing Raw Puerh
1 x 1997 中茶牌省公司青餅
Chi Tse Beeng Cha [357g]
1 x 2015 紅印鐵餅
Chan 1st Red Label Round Raw Yunnan Menghai [450g]
1 x 紅印圓茶﹣大字
Red Mark Round Tea Cake [1950]
1 x 2007 鳳牌金獎7811
Feng Qing Golden Award [357g]
1 x 2015 醉無言
Chan’s Drunken Tea Speechless Raw Lingcang [1 box include 2pcs x 100g]
1 x 2007鳳慶野生餅
Feng Qing Wild Grown Tree [600g]
1 x 中茶牌大七子繁体字
Zhong Cha Brand Traditional Chinese Characters [1980]
1 x 2003 雙江勐庫
Shuangjiang Mengku [420g]
1 x 2018 古韻探春
Rhythm of Spring Yunnan LingCang 400G [Five Stars Awards at Ten Years Aged Puerh Competition]
1 x 2018易武純
Purity from YIWU LUOSHUIDONG 400g
1 x 紅星鐵餅
Red Star Biscuit [1995]
1 x 2002 易春瑞茶
YiWu Old Tree [357g]
1 x 2007 秘境班章
Secret Ban Zhang [357g]
1 x 七子大黃印
Yellow Mark [1970s]
1 x 2007明珠月光白
Yunnan Mingzhu Puerh Tea [357g]
1 x 2019 千年等候
Chan’s Wait for Thousands Year Raw Lingcang Bai Ying Mountain 400g
Aged Raw Puerh 20+ Years (100gram)
Selected Iron Budda TGY [100gram]
Baby Rose (40gram)
Sweet Lady [100gram]
Red Robe *Famous Tea in China* (100gram)
Espresso Heavy Oolong[100gram]
Aged Raw Puerh 20 Years (100gram)
Autumn Baby Chrysanthemum (100gram)
09.2005 高海拔青磚
High Mountain Tea Brick [250g]
Fresh Rhodiola Puerh Ripe Tea Cake [380g]
11.2006 鳳牌金獎7811
Yunnan Feng Qing Golden Award [357g]
Silver Tip [2004]
Dang Ding Oolong (100gram)
14.2007 鳳牌金獎7811
Feng Qing Golden Award [357g]
White Peony [100gram]
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